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Redefining what comes next


In 1889 a German Chancellor created the first known "old-age" social insurance program.  Setting the age of eligibility at 65.  In 1890 it is estimated that less than 15% made it to the age of 70.  The 65 age limit was a very sound bet for a shrewd business man.

Today the average life expectancy in North America is 81 and all of the indicators are present that 65 is no longer a checkout date for most of us.  Slowly our aging population is gaining awareness of the challenges we must address personally and as a society.

Claiming 50 is the new 40 is completely inaccurate.  The 55+ group is a tough crowd to impress.

  • Better Educated
  • Controlling 75% of the North American wealth
  • Due diligence on purchases is a given
  • and the 55+ finally feel they have TIME!

50 can now truly be seen as Middle age, a little scary to some of us already there.  But an opportunity also.  Wisdom, determination and the buying power are strong tools.  The 55+ consumer is beginning to sway industries.